T&C - Services

Relay Programming & Configuration

Configuration as per Scheme logic, Goose Configuration and Program of Settings for all types of Relays

Like ABB, SIEMENS, GE, MiCOM, SEL, and etc,...

Relay Testing

Numerical relay testing like Distance Protection, Generator protection, Busbar protection, Motor protection, Feeder protection and etc,... by using Secondary injection Kits.

Service provider for all type of relays like ABB, SIEMENS, GE, MiCOM, SEL, and etc,...

Setting Calculation

Service for Relay protection Setting Calculation.

Setting caculation for Distance Protection, Generator Protection, Motor Protection, Busbar Protection, Differential Protection and Feeder Protection

Panel Quality Checking

We do Quality checking and Operational Check for Panels

Control & Relay(CRP) panels, Generator & Relay Protection(GRP) Panels, HV Switchgear Panels, LV Switchgear Panels, ESP Panels, RMU Panels and all Control Panels


We have Commissioning team for all type of Power Plants and Substations Commissioning.

SubStations(Upto 765KV), Thermal Power Plants, Solar Power Plants and Gas turbine plants.


We do Retrofitting work for all type of control Panels

Some retrofitting services are Numerial Relays, CT & PT, Auxilary relays and Scheme modifications of CRP Panels

Primary equipment test

We do all type primary equipment test for CT, PT, CB, Cables, Busbars, and etc,...

Loading Transformers, CRM kit, DC-CRM kit, Tan-Delta kit, Hi-Pot kit(upto 70KV), Pole Timer Kit, Power quality Analyzer and etc,...


Erection and commissioning work for all type of Power plants and Substations

Erection of Transformers, CRP panels, Switchgear panels, Primary equipments like (CT, PT, CB), Busbars, Busducts, Transformers

Transformer testing

We do Testing & Commissioning of Power Transformers and HVR transformers

We provide service of regular testing, Commissioning, Oil Filtration, Stabilty test, Tan-delta dest, SFRA test and etc,..