PS - Studies

IED Study

Study of 'IED logics' in Protection and control panels.

CT/PT –vs- Protection functions, Trip Logic implementation, Interlock Logics, Auto Reclose logics, LBB logics, FBT…!

* Distance Protection, Transformer Protection, Bus Bar, Bus coupler, Bus section, MV Panels, Islanding …!

Scheme Review

Study of “Control & Protection Panel Schematic drawings”

Protection –vs- CT core selection, PT core selection, Earthing methods, Protection schematic, Control schematic, Interlock schematics…!

* Line Protection Panel, Transformer Protection Panel, Bus Coupler Panel, Bus Bar Panel…etc

Protection Setting Calculation

From the system data to protection settings for main & backup protections.

Distance Protection, Differential Protection, O/c, E/f, REF, Over flux, Over load, U/v, O/V//!

* Transmission Lines Bay, Transformer Bay, TBC bay, Bus Bar, Bus section …!